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To help administer and run the club, the UK is split into several geographical "areas". Each area has an Area Representative who looks after members in their area. Area Reps are informed of all new members (and those who have left) joining the club. The Area Reps help organise local pub meetings and some areas have several venues spread around their area, such that there is a pub meeting fairly close to all members. This is the theory, but in practice some areas are huge, e.g. Scotland or Wales with few members. Distances are great and with poor road connections can mean meeting up with fellow members is not so easy.

Then we have some overseas "areas" - Europe, Australia & New Zealand, North America - East, North America - West and the Rest of the World. We have Reps looking after these areas, naturally meetings and attending events is even more problematic. The overseas Area Reps act more as local contacts and they are the link back to the club here in the UK.

If there is no pub meeting near to you, why not find a suitable venue and liaise with your Area Rep, and the club will notify other local members and a new "satellite" meeting can be started. Why are pub meetings important? well, it brings local members together where you can discuss local shows and events, plan green laning or road trips, help each other with repairs and spares. Meetings don't have to be in pubs. We have had meetings at coffee shops and garden centres. The map shows the UK club areas and the sub menus give the contact details.


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updated 6th December 2016

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