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Author Topic: How to post images on the Forum  (Read 370 times)


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How to post images on the Forum
« on: March 21, 2022, 09:57:10 PM »

There are 2 ways to include images/photos in your forum posts.

The easiest is to use the option on the bottom LH side of the  text posting box....

Attachments and other options:

When posting a post you type in the posting box window....

Then select "Attachments and other options" in the bottom LH corner
This will open up some options.
Select "Browse"
Then select the image/photo you wan to post.

When done click the "Post" button in the bottom RH corner.

If your pictures are too big you'll just get a blank screen
Images from phones and cameras these days are far too big.
Bad form to post parge pictures that scroll off to the right on people's screens.
Choose the smallest picture size when transferring from your device - best size is an image 24 x 18 cm at 96 dpi (pixels) at a file size of around 600kb.

This will place your image at the foot of your post and you'll have to manage the size of your image.

Coppermine Gallery:

Back by demand - as an easy FREE solution to hosting your Land Rover pictures online  :first

Our solution to image hosting means you are not subservient to the commercial demands, terms or whims of other online image hosting services.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed some activity in the forum testing area and a new tab on the top menu - "Photo Gallery".

1) Clicking the tab will take you to our new Coppermine Gallery.

2) Here you can register for an account.

3) When you have your login details you can create a Gallery and upload image files (remembering that we can't post up super large images as they won't display on the forum).

4) Once you have an image uploaded (or you could use someone else's image) you mouse click on the thumbnail image.
You can mouse click again to engage the picture to full size.

5) Now here's the smart bit.
Right mouse click on the image.
This brings up a sub-menu.
Run the cursor over the "Copy Image Link" and select.

Here's the really smart bit:
If you have a really large image (there is a max image size you can upload) then just click on the intermediate gallery image and capture the link to that.
... and post that instead.

I have an example in the forum test area.

6) Go to the forum and to where you want to post  - make your post and paste your "captured" image link between the image tags {img}---------{/img}
(where you use square brackets instead of curly brackets)

7) Complete your post and your image will appear in your forum post.

This is an unsupported service - which means I can't talk you through the steps of setting up a gallery and uploading and down loading images. It's easy enough once you've had a few goes.
Do not abuse it by posting inappropriate content.
Do not use the service as a means of backing-up your images.

Our last Coppermine Gallery had to be shut down due to a flood of Russian hackers.

Posting images couldn't be easier.

You can practice in the Forum Test Area.

Who's a then ?
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