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Author Topic: Potential insurance saving.  (Read 133 times)


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Potential insurance saving.
« on: July 04, 2022, 01:42:08 PM »

I received my insurance renewal letter from Footman James today and noticed that the Renewal Schedule stated that I didn’t have use of a second car which was a bit weird because the insurance covers two vehicles so I rang them up. The young lady explained that the question really meant do I own another car not covered by this insurance which I do, Footman James is only for my Landys. She checked her computer and the main database showed that the Land Rovers are not my only vehicles so she couldn’t understand why the schedule was showing that they were. In light of this she ran a requote, I also asked for the value of Gassy to be upped from £5k to £8k and the new quote dropped from £320 to £285. She then read through the schedule again and I noticed that I was insured for driving to work which again is weird because I’ve been retired for 7 years so she ran another requote which dropped the quote again to £280. I queried why this incorrect information was in the original quote and she said that in the past items like this were automatically bundled into the cover they gave and subsequently these items have been split out and charged separately. It pays to go through the renewal schedule meticulously rather than assume you are renewing what you think was covered in previous years.
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