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Author Topic: Re: Wheel spacers - Are they a good idea for improving steering lock?  (Read 568 times)


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OT ... but talking of ferries ... one day, on Penang ferry, web hit a big wave, causing the bow doors to open, causing "distress" to those who were leaning on it at the time.

One day I "pushed" my luck with the red stop light, found that the ramp was already up about a metre ... :agh ...

It seemed expedient to hit the ramp at full throttle, and convert to hitting the anchors (hard) as soon as I was airborne, to avoid the back of the police car already on the ferry. It worked!

One morning, while walking off the ferry, I noticed a bloke crouching on the side of the jetty, looking through a pair of field glasses. His eyesight must have been bad. The cadever was only about two metres down , and about four metres from the jetty.

Another morning, now on the mainland, our bus was overtaken by a heard of galloping elephants.

Never a dull moment. I was even attacked by a fish, when I went to investigate why it was walking across the road. Mud Skipper?

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