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Author Topic: Re: Getting Wet  (Read 552 times)


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Re: Getting Wet
« on: October 19, 2020, 09:33:20 AM »

Hi Fluff

... er ... SHOULD I have had access to all your photos of RAF AEC Matadors? I wasn't looking for them ... and I only took a quick shufti at those I was presented with.

I once had an episode with a Matador crane ... I'd fitted new front brake shoes, and my corpoaral took it out on test.

He returned looking somewhat shaken, and invited me to come and take a shufti at my "job". The passenger door was lying in the cab, and the cab was splitting horizontally, all round, at window sill level.

He explained that he had gone out onto the old WW2 runway, and done a brake test, as you do! The truck immediately went into a violent "shimmy", throwing him across the cab (over the engine), against the passenger door, which tore off it's hinges. But before he could follow it, he was  thrown back onto into the driver's side of the cab. As I said, he was very shaken.

The shimmying was easily replicated ... just apply the brakes. We never found out what caused it, and the truck was eventually relegated to "air-field" only duties, and restricted to 20mph.

We also had three ambulances, based on Bedford 1-toners, which were in turn based on Chevrolet 1 toners.. I only ever drove one of those ambulances on the road. Anything over 30mph was scarey ... wandering over to the opposite kerb..

Two of the ambulances rolled over, at low speed, for no apparent reason. A driver put the third U/S with defective steering ... refused to drive it. Two Chief Techs spent several weeks trying to find the problem ... scared to say there was nothing wrong. I think that truck was relegated to "Camp Use Only" and 20mph.

The steering box was mounted on a long stretch of flimsy looking C-section chassis. Er ... should I have mentioned that if you waggled the steering wheel while stationary ... the chassis flexed?

I suspect that the little bracket (Pt.No.504267) that goes between an S2 steering box and the top of the driver's foot-well, is intended to solve a similar problem?  Me? I suggest it needs a substantial strut across to the opposite foot-well. Get somebody to waggle the steering box HARD, while you watch for movement.


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