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Author Topic: S2C Covid-19 Compliance during our emergence from Lockdown  (Read 1504 times)


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S2C Covid-19 Compliance during our emergence from Lockdown
« on: March 09, 2021, 05:10:27 PM »

Dear Club Members, ARs (and Officers)

Following recent discussions and events please see below a ‘refresh’ from the Board on Club Policy for Covid Compliance for the next few months.  It would be really helpful to post this policy statement on the various Club social media sites and make it available to members so everyone is clear about where we all stand.

Obviously, members are starting to look forward to getting out and about, and we have already had some grumbles about our interpretation and implementation of the Government’s road map out of lockdown from a member.  It is very important ARs are not coerced into permitting or organising outings in their areas ahead of the relaxation of the rules.  The Board stands ready to support ARs having difficulties with members in that regard, please point any ‘grumblers' to the policy statement below, and escalate any problems to the Board if necessary.

Attached is a handy document with a summary of the Government’s road map out of lockdown (thank you Dave Marrin!) and you’ll see ‘minimise travel’ and ‘group of six/2 households’ rules apply until after 17th May; this date being subject to preconditions being met.  It is not until after 17th May (provisional date) that travel for leisure and rules on groups outdoors are relaxed enough to make Club events a safe and realistic option.  So in practical terms 17th May is your date to aim for at the moment for restarting Club outings.

The other concern is that club social media and membership databases must not be used for promoting non-Club events.  You’ll need to delete any events off local FB pages that don’t comply with Club policy, especially any posts about outings that are taking place as ‘private events’ in an attempt to dodge the rules. 

Finally, please be sure to check and apply your local area covid rules, and if anything is not clear, or any help and support is needed, please shout.

Sincere thanks and appreciation are due to all hard working Club ARs officers and officials, without you this Club would not be the successful and welcoming organisation we are all proud to be members of.

Kind regards
Suzanne Lindsey, for the Board.
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