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 on: Yesterday at 09:23:48 PM 
Started by YM LD - Last post by YM LD
Thabk you for the welcome. I hav dived straight in and didn't notice all the other categories. Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place.

An overhaul sounds expensive seeing as the engine runs fine at the moment.

I've detached the cable and have been moving the  lever by hand and it won't shut anything.

I'll explore the expanded diagrams and check the YouTube video out and try and workout if I can open the top section without affecting the rest of the pump.

Thank you all for being so helpful. Useful info so quickly I'm glad I signed up.

 on: Yesterday at 09:05:06 PM 
Started by oilstain - Last post by oddjob
Must be an opportunity got someone to import a load of those bushes and sell them over here?

The irony is that when Martin ran the UK Rocky Mountain business he sent me some rubber bushes for free as he was pulling them out of the springs as customers wanted poly bushes fitted. I’ve got one left as a spare.


 on: Yesterday at 08:54:50 PM 
Started by YM LD - Last post by Old Hywel
‘Bundy Bear’s Shed’ on YouTube. Complete overhaul of a CAV pump.
May be something as simple as stop lever loose on shaft.

 on: Yesterday at 08:34:14 PM 
Started by oilstain - Last post by nathanglasgow

 on: Yesterday at 07:55:34 PM 
Started by YM LD - Last post by genocache
There are pdf's of the CAV pumps online. My first thought is the cable is not properly adjusted and the lever should pull down further.
Welcome to the Pub!

 on: Yesterday at 07:53:57 PM 
Started by CarolB - Last post by CarolB
Thank you Wijendra and Autorover 1, I think those projects will have to be put on hold for a while due to the expense. While I am extremely happy with all of Dolly's mechanical work there are a lot of bits and pieces that I want to tinker with to get things feeling just right again. Plus I have 4 new tyres to purchase as she is still sitting on her original 600-16's which look good but are, after all this time, now illegal.

 on: Yesterday at 07:52:35 PM 
Started by Wittsend - Last post by Neil Bymouth
I was overcome by the triple garage, yes, the Land Rovers are great too. Apologies for the omission.

 on: Yesterday at 07:50:35 PM 
Started by Worf - Last post by diffwhine
Word of advice from somebody who is having to sort out a S3 which comes from that source... Go and physically check the vehicle first! I won't go into the list of problems here, but suffice to say that the buyer paid substantially over the odds and there's now a tonne of expensive remedial work. I'm not suggesting they are a bad dealer, but just watch out...

 on: Yesterday at 07:40:18 PM 
Started by YM LD - Last post by diffwhine
Sounds like the pump needs an overhaul. If you can't stop it with the lever, its not shutting off the fuel flow internally.

 on: Yesterday at 07:13:45 PM 
Started by YM LD - Last post by YM LD
Hello. Some advice please. I am new to The Series 2 world and I've just started on a new restoration project. It's a 1969 2a dormobile. It was bought as a non runner project.

At some point in its history the straight 6 petrol has been switched to a 2.25 Diesel.

I've managed to get it running and it runs good but the only problem is that it won't stop!

The lever on the Lucas CAV pump that is attached to the pull to stop knob moves freely and does affect the revs but no matter how far it turns the engine won't shut. Initially the clutch was seized so I had to open an injector pipe to kill it but now I've fixed the clutch I can stall it.

Any advice on how I can fix this problem.

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