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 on: Yesterday at 06:17:03 PM 
Started by lowebox - Last post by Robin
I've got one (several probably !)
I'll dig one out and bring it for you - please nudge me a coupe days before though !!

Thanks Alex   :tiphat

 on: Yesterday at 05:51:00 PM 
Started by Henrik - Last post by w3526602
The 1st question is:
What steering column do you have at the moment ?

Splines with a clamp bolt in the base of the steering wheel. Or splines with a big nut (1" AF) securing the wheel to the column.

The 2 types of wheel are not interchangeable.

Hi Alan,

I agree that the two types of wheel are not interchangeable.  But I believe  the S2 and S3 columns are interchangeable (and even the S1 and S£ are physicallyl interchangeable, but not in practice, as the S3 is too long to be comfortable ... unless you intend to move the seat back several inches,)

I believe that both Range Rover and MGB steering bosses will fit onto the S3 splines.  ???  If I'm correct, you should be able to buy after-market bosses for MGB, and then find a spoked wheel to fit, in te Compleat Automobilist catalogue (Does the Club have an accessible copy? If not every enthusiast should have his own copy. It is aimed at the "Classic" restorer, or special builder).

I'm happy to be corrected on any of my statements above.


 on: Yesterday at 05:11:48 PM 
Started by The Shed - Last post by Genem
Yes, it is - Suggest you let Alan know you are a member so he can give you full access to the Forum, not just the "guest" bits !   All he needs is your membership number !



 on: Yesterday at 04:59:48 PM 
Started by The Shed - Last post by Romahomepete


 on: Yesterday at 04:51:57 PM 
Started by The Shed - Last post by The Shed
Usually pay subs via paypal but now switched to Direct Debit. I have recently had a payment taken from my account for £21.
The reference was 'Go Cardless'. Could this be the Club payment ?

 on: Yesterday at 03:57:17 PM 
Started by Henrik - Last post by jeffersj

Are these any good DA1932 Defender rear door but look the same??

 on: Yesterday at 03:45:19 PM 
Started by 2286 - Last post by DogDave
Yes strange that it’s a static pre 1960 rule for anything above 3500 kilos

My FC is a fire engine which possibly is except- the guidance is hard to make sense of - but by the time I get that back together MOTs will probably be different again anyway.

 on: Yesterday at 03:35:53 PM 
Started by 2286 - Last post by Genem
As above, FC are over the MOT exemption weight. I suppose it would be possible to "plate" the vehicle, reducing its carrying capacity so that its Gross Weight was at or below the 3500 Kg limit.
A 101 has a Gross Weight of 3651Kg so that same applies.

Personally I think I'd just get the MOT done ?

 on: Yesterday at 02:59:03 PM 
Started by Guppy10 - Last post by diffwhine
Although the 2nd gear end float is within spec, that too is a tad on the tight side – I tend to aim for 6 thou just to be safe. 3rd gear end is clearly too tight. I certainly would not run with it like that as you will be back in there again in no time at all.

When I build up mainshafts, I have a snap ring (genuine) which I have cut in half. I use that for assembly and measuring to save working through snap rings. If you consider that you have a thrust washers for both 2nd and 3rd gears and both are at their minimum using your original mainshaft, then the only possibility is that the 2nd / 3rd bush is slightly too big (long). Shaving a bit off both ends on a glass plate and wet and dry should give you enough to play with and select other thrust washers if need be. Even genuine bushes can be oversize and it is expected that the builder will have to take a bit off.

Have a close look at the bush itself. One of the giveaways for a poor-quality part is if the “top hat” section has been machined to a sharp 90 degrees point to the collar itself rather than a nice radius, assume it’s a poor quality replacement. Point load = weak point and guaranteed failure. I had a “Genuine” one off a supplier recently and that was so oversize that neither gear would fit onto it and it wouldn’t fit on the mainshaft…

 on: Yesterday at 02:40:52 PM 
Started by Wittsend - Last post by cswagon
Thank you Gene and Andrew, I'll check it all out at the weekend.

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