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 on: Today at 12:09:17 PM 
Started by Andy P - Last post by lowebox
I have 2 bags from Matt (counter rivet) and a hand brake rubber and hi/lo box rubber from Sue Cummings (Charlesworth) that will post down to you Andy. Unfortunately we won't be able to make the Rally as we will be getting ready for a week in the new forest. 

 on: Today at 11:35:33 AM 
Started by Andy P - Last post by Andy P
If anyone attending the rally has any old unused or spare parts lying around, please bring them to the Rally for a Bring and Buy rummage during the event ;-)

 on: Today at 10:59:08 AM 
Started by w3526602 - Last post by Wittsend
These emergency start booster packs are all the rage now with their Li ion batteries. Such a small thing packs enough whalop to start a Diesel engine found in most cars.

This is my Britpart device, similar units are on eBay for around £35  :first
I bought several for the family as Christmas presents.

Much easier to use than jump leads and they also double up as a power pack for your phone or laptop.
I keep mine under the seat and it has proved most useful - seems to hold it's charge for ages, but the wise should check them every few months.

The whirring motor noise after you switch off could well be the radiator fan which will keep spinning for a few minutes.


 on: Today at 10:45:57 AM 
Started by Grandadrob - Last post by Wittsend
^^^ Quite so ......

Who has "3rd party" these days ???
In some cases it's more than "fully comp" insurance.

When an uninsured driver damages their own vehicle - then tough luck.

In this country you only need insurance cover on the 1st day that your VED runs from.
When you take out an insurance policy you have a 14 day cooling off period, then you can cancel the insurance.

The "types" who drive with no insurance, no road tax, no MoT (and no valid driving license) just don't care 2 hoots.
If you watch day-time TV there's loads of programmes with police cars chasing uninsured drivers.
At best they get a slap on the wrist and nothing much else happens.

We all pay for this out of our premiums, the insurance companies never lose out.


 on: Today at 10:44:20 AM 
Started by Andy P - Last post by Andy P
Hi all S2C members,

For those of you Registered and not yet Registered for the Rally, here is a list of the charity (Great Western Air Ambulance) Raffle Prizes. You can see there are some fantastic charity raffle prizes to be had. So don't delay and register, even if it is only for 1 day visiting on the Saturday BBQ and charity raffle draw.

Rimmer   £50 voucher (to be emailed)
Bearmach     "Lamp upgrade kit 2x £50 voucher"
Britpart     £100 voucher and Welcome bag contents
John Craddock   £30 voucher
AEW Paddock Motors Ltd.   £100 voucher
The Landy     Will post copies
Exmoor Trim     "5% discount on the day
Canvas Storage Bulkhead Bag with tool roll in Sand
    Exmoor Trim Keyring
    Exmoor Trim Enamel Mug
    Exmoor Trim Tote Bag
    Exmoor Trim Blue T Shirt – XL as it should fit most then"
HNJ Engineering   HNJ599698. Series Stub Axle Distance Piece
Under Covers - Rally Plaque & & Canvas top
Buzzweld     Chassis protection (some leaflets too)
Lano Guard     Lanoguard chassis kit
CLR      Voucher for 1 year subscription
LRO      Voucher for 1 year subscription
Vicky T   North American LR Periodicals 
Huddersfield Land Rover Centre   Toy Land Rovers & address books
Rybrook Land Rover   2 x goodie bags
JLR Guy Salmon (Sytner) Bristol     TBC Will donate some Land Rover merchandise
Emberton Imperial   Durite rechargable inflators
Counter Rivet Ltd   Will donate 2 canvas things (type tbc)
NFU   £50 Love to Shop vouchers
Adrian Flux     £100 voucher and welcome bag box of bags, keyrings and pens
Footman James     £100 voucher 
Peter Best Insurance     £75 for a voucher
Cheddar Ales Brewery     T-shirt and Beer gift pack
Hagerty Insurance   Something tbc & Sunglasses, flyers, key rings
Vintage Trye co   £250 voucher
Andy P   Waitrose £30 voucher
Andy P   JD Sport / GO Outdoor £10 voucher
Andy P   Land Rover Chase Card Game
Geoff H   Land Rover Defender Desert Scene model

 on: Today at 10:14:48 AM 
Started by Grandadrob - Last post by Clifford Pope
I thought in the UK it was the driver who was insured, not the vehicle? is it actually possible to insure a car that has no drivers?

 on: Today at 09:47:58 AM 
Started by w3526602 - Last post by autorover1
I generally chock the wheels to stop any movement.  A Land Rover  Fire engine  I had once , had a lock valve in the brake line that if you pressed the foot brake hard on and  turned/removed the key out of the lock, they were locked on until the key was returned and the valve released.

 on: Today at 09:19:02 AM 
Started by w3526602 - Last post by w3526602

I don't remember if this specific subject has been covered recently.

If you jack up one, or both, rear wheel of a Series, the hand brake will not prevent the truck rolling away, unless 4WD (preferably LO) is engaged.

And even then, if the truck is on a cross-slope, the rear end can move sideways, with the front wheels turning in opposite directions. Maybe it would be sensible to wedge the brake pedal hard down, too.

Maybe a club entrepreneur could develop special tressles (non-toppable).


 on: Today at 08:53:38 AM 
Started by Grandadrob - Last post by w3526602

Searching but not finding.

In Malaya (mid-1960s) you could not tax a vehicle beyond the expiry date of the insurance.

And I just found this .....which seems to say that if you don't declare SORN, you can also be done for NO INSURANCE. Double Whammy.

Any motor propelled vehicle which is not subject to a Statutory off road Notice (SORN), must be insured for a minimum of third party risk. If you
own or use a vehicle that is not SORN, the offence is committed.    Section 143 of the Road Traffic Act 1988


 on: Today at 07:59:33 AM 
Started by Grandadrob - Last post by w3526602


My understanding is that what it says your CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE is written in stonr, but ....

If a car is not insured in it's own right, the VED is void. I don't know if the same applies to an expired MOT. ???

I assume that an uninsured car IS insured if you are driving it on your "ANY OTHER CAR" clause. But the instant you step out of it, the car will revert to being uninsured, unless it's owner keeper has insurance cover.  Which if he doesn't will make him liable for insurance and VED penalties.

I don't know if driving with an expired MOT will void the RFL.  To my mind, DVLC could prosecute for no RFL, but scarcely worth it if they are holding the VED (No back duty to be claimed).

Hmmm! If insurance expires, the VED should be refunded (automatically?) .... but is it possible to tax a car for longer than the unexpired period of insurance? There's something in my mind ... but it was a long time ago, and possibly only a proposal.


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