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 on: Yesterday at 02:00:45 PM 
Started by Ratty2A - Last post by Ian Cunnington
If I remember correctly, when I was there - there is a list in the front of the book that lists start and end Chassis number for each model year

 on: Yesterday at 01:57:14 PM 
Started by Ratty2A - Last post by DogDave
No idea where it comes in the running order but my 2b is a 1972 reg so presume it’s somewhere towards the back end. BTV 9K - chassis 33100509E. All I know is it was converted to fire engine by Carmichael - who knows it might be the one you are looking for or you might see it in the list as you look through.

 on: Yesterday at 01:45:25 PM 
Started by Ratty2A - Last post by Craggle
Did the various models run sequentially throughout the production period?

Is my 109" export station wagon, 26206487D the 6487th model of that type built? Presumably the first would have been 26200001 and the last would be 2620????
The suffix letters just got added at the end I guess as and when they changed build status?


 on: Yesterday at 12:48:53 PM 
Started by Ratty2A - Last post by Ratty2A
Thanks Paul - that's really interesting.

Re: "I remember a while back, someone had the last chassis numbered 109 2a", that was me. Well 109+1 the last owner raised it originally then I bought the vehicle last year and started the post linked above. Rather than the last chassis numbered 109 2a, its just the last numbered home market 109 utility - so there's every chance that another one of the 72 variants (prefixes) of SIIA/SIIB was produced after mine so I don't for one second think I own 'the last SIIA' as I believe that some production continued for some months after mine was built but its certainly the most interesting vehicle in my small collection and after Gaydon I'll be able to say "it was the Xth of the last Y Series IIA vehicles produced"

 on: Yesterday at 12:45:43 PM 
Started by MikeT - Last post by autorover1
If they are a course thread are they BSW rather than BSF?

I was thinking of course compared with BA threads

 on: Yesterday at 12:22:33 PM 
Started by Ratty2A - Last post by 58paul
The last S1 that you mention in Australia is a 107 SW I believe. The 107 SW's were continued after normal S1 production had stopped as the new S2 version was not ready. This is another reason why I believe they decided to fit the 2L's into the first S2 as they were having to continue 2L production for the 107 anyway.

So in theory, the last S1 will be a 107 SW, and I suspect the one in Oz is the last CKD numbered one of that series. And being CKD, it probably was the last assembled S1.

I remember a while back, someone had the last chassis numbered 109 2a (cant remember if petrol or diesel series). There are some very late 88 2a's about, my dad has one, but have not heard of the last one surviving yet.

 on: Yesterday at 11:58:43 AM 
Started by MikeT - Last post by Rustandoil
Here you least for 1/4 BSF

 on: Yesterday at 11:51:09 AM 
Started by Ratty2A - Last post by Ratty2A
So, I'm off to Gaydon in the next couple of weeks to go through the build records to work out the last SIIAs and SIIBs ever produced as well as the last of each of the 72 variants - just been chatting to the archives and looking forward to the trip. Long story and I have another (older) post running on this:,7907.msg89209.html#msg89209

The trigger is that I've started to realise that the 'last ofs' are becoming well known:

The last Series III is C109 JOA, a 109 SW that is in the Heritage Collection at Gaydon.
The last 2 door Range Rover was a 1994 portugese model, chassis #KA647644 that was recently sold by Bonhams
The last Range Rover Classic, N901 WHP SALLHAMM3MA664120, was produced in 1996 and I believe is at Gaydon
The last lightweight (SIII) is owned by a chap on the Defender2 forum, a unit supplied to the Red Arrows.

Now there is a youtube channel (Vintage Restorations Australia) that in one video description (though not in the video) claims to have the last ever Series 1 produced. But in another video it is described as the last RHD series 1 produced. And a third says its the last Series 1 in australia. So I assume this isn't the last-last Series 1.

Just out of curiosity I wondered if any of out Series 1 owners knows if the actual 'last' Series 1 produced by the factory is a known model or if it has not yet been identified/found?

Any other 'lasts' are of interest too.

 on: Yesterday at 11:34:32 AM 
Started by Neil Bymouth - Last post by Neil Bymouth
The Wallop Gathering is held at the Over Wallop Sports Field, Salisbury Lane Over Wallop, Hants SO20 8JL on Sunday 28th August commencing 10am. It's an informal gathering of vintage agricultural machinery, classica cars and a car boot sales. Classic vehicles can display on the field. Entry by donation.
The Longstock Rally is held in a field alongside Danebury Road, Longstock Hants SO20 6HZ and is a much larger event than Wallop with working tractors and machinery and paraded and demonstrations in the main ring. The dates are Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September. Overnight camping is available from Friday the 9th. Only pre 1988 vehicles are eligible for free entry and vehicles that aren't pre-booked will have to register.
There's a beer tent and usually some form of entertainment Saturday night.

 on: Yesterday at 11:02:54 AM 
Started by MikeT - Last post by g6anz
OK so its an American site but the screws are available. As the OP said they are 1/4 BSF not BA,have%20a%201.4%22%20BSF%20thread.

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