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   The nights are really drawing in now ...

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 on: Yesterday at 11:20:39 PM 
Started by Genem - Last post by Rog-from-Bix
Total agree best deals locally are going to the independent tyre and exhaust place in town and ask the owner what deals he has on currently. 

 on: Yesterday at 11:03:52 PM 
Started by Wittsend - Last post by RATA1
Any good to you. auction: #165148180005
Looks to have a bit of a link in the top right of 4/4, I'll ask the Q.  Think Dingo do a good one (?). I have a Britpart one but wasn't going to use it unless it was really needed...

 on: Yesterday at 09:11:53 PM 
Started by Wittsend - Last post by andyjb
Drained the oil out of the overdrive and refilled with EP140. Also noticed when i had the seat box lids off a bit of surface rust on the chassis. So a wire brush and a coat of old oil and paint.

 on: Yesterday at 09:09:28 PM 
Started by Genem - Last post by geoff "ordinary" car....   A Goodyear to replace the existing is on special offer, £133 each if I buy two....   

 Not so ordinary perhaps ..........  what car  ???

 on: Yesterday at 08:11:19 PM 
Started by 1961 Boy - Last post by StooBee
Rangemasters on my 88. Got it stuck in the paddock at home when the grass was wet. They dug themselves into the clay underneath and did NOT want to come out.....though maybe the Latitudes wouldn't either!
Haven't used them on the road much, so can't really comment.

 on: Yesterday at 07:26:24 PM 
Started by 1961 Boy - Last post by Calum
I run rangemasters on both motors at the moment. I wanted to keep to a 7.50 on the Carawagon and have something that looked fairly period. I went over to them on my daily 88" too, as it's mainly road miles. As Alex said, not great on wet grass and possibly the worst tyres I've had in the snow too... although the Carawagon took us all round Iceland on rangemasters no bother (all rock and sand though really) and we went to the Alps on a skiing holiday in the 88" (but I had chains and I needed to use them!)

The ones on the 88 haven't got much life left now and I'm thinking of changing to something else but I haven't yet decided. Again I'd like to stick to a 7.50 and if I run the same tyre on both motors it is more practical too.

 on: Yesterday at 06:00:41 PM 
Started by 1961 Boy - Last post by oilstain
I have Latitude Cross on my Discovery TD5 and it seems a great tyre for my mainly road use, I would like them on the series but not cheap :shakeinghead

 on: Yesterday at 05:47:02 PM 
Started by 1961 Boy - Last post by Mowersman
I run both. Latitude Cross on my 88" and Rangemasters on my 109.
The Latitude Cross is a much better tyre, but then it is significantly more modern. I've honestly never had a problem off road with them either, for all the green laning I do, they go everywhere those on more aggressive tyres do. Sure, if you start doing extreme stuff, you'll get stuck, but then it is a road biased tyre. They also last very well. I put my current set on about 5 years ago and they are just coming up for needing replacement. I would say they have done 50k miles in that time, possibly more.
The Rangemaster is an older design. you seem to get more flex in the sidewalls, so it doesn't handle as well. Probably no better of road either. The big issue I've had though is with perishing. I don't know what rubber they use, but my spare is perished to the point that I'm considering not using it (Thats pretty bad, considering some of the stuff I have run) and its only 6 years old.
They do look much more period though

 on: Yesterday at 03:03:22 PM 
Started by Wittsend - Last post by maindy
Where did you get your head gasket from? - and was it a Payen one? I have had one on order for several weeks with JC and just called them about it and they have no ETA. Other bits on the order are being part shipped now I called  :shakeinghead
Would like a genuine/Payen one. Or recommendations on a decent decoke-gasket set.
Any good to you. auction: #165148180005

 on: Yesterday at 02:21:22 PM 
Started by Genem - Last post by Romahomepete
I have just changed all 4 tyres on our camper because the front 2 were due and the rears wouldnt be far behind and I wanted all the same sort.  The land rover has all the same tyres and anotrher 3 spares the same.

In France tyres on the same axle are supposed to be the same, what happens if you need to use your spare if all your tyres are not the same?


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