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 on: Today at 03:54:43 AM 
Started by Wittsend - Last post by Rambler
Have been measuring up and started making a wiring loom for my friends 1960 Series 2, alongside another loom I’m making for my ‘57 Series 1.   They’re pretty similar both being LHD, though his is a station wagon with tons of aftermarket (read dodgy P.O. non standard wiring, fuses, heaters, pumps, you name it  :coffee) additions.  Sadly, with shipping, brokerage fees, taxes and duties we found the custom made wiring looms from the UK a bit over our budgets (north of $500 each)  :'(

 on: Today at 12:15:59 AM 
Started by Rog-from-Bix - Last post by Sunny Jim
The real issue is that it is pretty pointless legislation (virtue signalling) for all the reasons said above. Here, I can burn  anything, but across the road is a smokeless zone! We already have smokeless zones where there is a problem and more could be introduced if needed. Steam railways are worried as, although there should be an 'exemption' the price and sourcing of suitable coal could be an issue. We have the ridiculous situation that part of our railway is a smokeless zone which means you can burn coal in the locomotive on the train, but not in the fireplace in the waiting room! As Wittsend says, clean coal technology exists - we did fluidised beds and high temperature combustion theory at college 35 years ago, there is even underground gasification of coal using directional drilling, so no coal mines required!

The more worrying thing is that this is part of the supposed 'Net Zero' by 2050 and the proposal to ban internal combustion cars in as little as 12 years, with neither the resources to make the cars, nor the power generation or distribution infrastructure to carry it out. It is a case of the 'ratchet' method of banning things in small steps. The whole '12 years' thing could be a case of 'Pace and Lead' where you propose something over the top, set the pace of the debate and settle for what you originally intended.

The real irony is that a new deep mine has been approved at St Bees for coking coal, essential for steel production!

One other issue is, like the steam railways, they always quote the 'Climate Change Creed': Ooh yes we know it contributes to climate change, but can we pretty please have an exemption? This attitude puts you at the mercy of the alarmist narrative and the 'Pace and Lead' technique. There are so many sceptical people around, it is high time we all started badgering our MPs on the issue!

You never know, maybe we might get some grown ups to run the country, rather than those more concerned with their own standing in world politics? There again, who in their right mind would stand for national office anyway?

Sunny Jim

 on: Today at 12:02:24 AM 
Started by Pesto - Last post by genocache
I'd be interested!

Pesto, did you contact them? Is that an alu-cab top?

 on: Yesterday at 11:59:38 PM 
Started by MikeT - Last post by genocache
Methinks, you'll be alright.

 on: Yesterday at 11:58:49 PM 
Started by dpmstevens - Last post by genocache
I've always used "knackered" for being tired, but the wiki article doesn't say it's used in the US as such. Interesting to know the origin.

 on: Yesterday at 11:50:55 PM 
Started by MikeT - Last post by Sunny Jim
Just to add to the above! Yes the later metric flywheel housing will fit, but you will need one extra stud. However, these are M10 so when mounting to a series gearbox, I used M10 flange nuts as the across flats dimension is smaller - easily available and not expensive! Normal M10 nuts do not have much clearance on a series bell housing to get a socket in. The studs that come with the engine are also long enough to mount the series type clutch slave cylinder housing as well.

Sunny Jim

 on: Yesterday at 10:49:13 PM 
Started by Rog-from-Bix - Last post by Dentman
My brother, teaching in the 80s, covering the subject of coal asked if any of the 8-9 year olds knew what coal was
Only one boy offered, "My gran has it Sir, they're like black stones!"
This  nigh on 40 years ago, many will not mourn their passing.

This was at an inner city school it must be said.

 on: Yesterday at 10:34:26 PM 
Started by Rog-from-Bix - Last post by Scimike
 Thank goodness they are not banning pallets and old window frames.
It's amazing what you can burn on those dark cold nights, at night, no one can see your smoke.  :whistle
Stay warm people. ;)

 on: Yesterday at 10:10:04 PM 
Started by Wittsend - Last post by Romahomepete

 on: Yesterday at 09:22:48 PM 
Started by Rog-from-Bix - Last post by Genem
On a side-shoot, how about those heat-powered fans that can sit on the stove. We recently got one and I'm pretty sure its improving life, by pushing more warm air out into the room. The far end of the room certainly seems warmer.

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