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Founded in 1984 by a group of enthusiasts in the South West of England, who decided to form a club for all those interested in Land Rover Series 2 models, the Series 2 Club now covers the whole of the UK and we have many overseas members. The club is actually a limited company whose sole aim is to further the appreciation, restoration and driving of all Land Rovers built between 1958 and 1971. The Series 2 Land Rovers are instantly recognisable, the world over, by the curvy barrel sides – the quintessential “Land Rover” look.

We now have some 2500 members spread across the world, with the greatest concentration here in the UK. You do not have to own a Series 2 to become a member and your vehicle does not have to be a pristine example. We welcome everyone. The club is affiliated to the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) which lobbies hard to retain the rights and freedoms of historic vehicles to remain on the road. We are also affiliated to the Association of Land Rover Clubs (ALRC) as a non-competitive club, this keeps us within the Land Rover family. In addition, we support the Green Lane Association (GLASS), who fight for access to ancient & historic tracks, known as green lanes).

We are a friendly club organising many local events and meetings. Every year we hold a “Club Rally”; a camping and Landrovering weekend for our members. The club publishes four issues of our club magazine, “Built Two Last” a 56 page extravaganza of articles and stories about all aspects of Series 2s in full colour, written by the members. We have a website which is packed with all the information you need to know about the club and its activities. We have Facebook and Twitter groups you can join. Finally, we have a very active online discussion Forum that provides interesting and lively comment on all matters dealing with Series Land Rovers, including a For Sale & Wanted section.

Our club is organised into local areas based loosely on ceremonial counties and postcodes. On joining the club, your local Area Rep will contact you with details of their meetings. Members are free to roam and attend any meeting or club event they wish. Most areas meet at least once a month in a local hostelry for a drink. A lot of time is spent peering under bonnets as well as planning various Land Rover activities over a pie and pint. Activities range from a camping weekend, green lane trip or visiting a local Country Fair, Steam Rally or Classic Car show. Sometimes workshop or garage meetings are arranged by a member needing help with a project. Members will often lend a hand in return for tea and bacon butties.

Areas contact their members via emails, newsletters, tweets, SMS messages and micro-websites where you are kept up to date with all the latest local club news, in addition to the club forum and a Facebook Page. The club attends and puts on a display/stand at the larger Land Rover shows round the country. All Series 2s are welcome, it does not matter how tatty, the only limitation we have is the number of tickets and space, we like to display as many vehicles as we can. The club has an online shop where a range of S2C logoed clothing is available and other S2C merchandise.

Our Vehicle Registrations Office can guide you through the process of reclaiming and registering your vehicle or acquiring an age-related number. We can provide help with dating a vehicle and liaising with the DVLA where there may be doubt about a vehicle’s age or authenticity. This is important as all Series 2 Land Rovers have “historic” status and as such pay no vehicle excise duty and are now MoT exempt. The club has arranged discounts with various suppliers. Often you can save a bit of cash that can be offset against the cost of your subscription! Our years of experience with Series 2s can help new-comers to the model find and source hard-to-get spare parts. Within our club we have a body of experts on the various models, ranging from all things mechanical and electrical to historical. We often know of vehicles for sale within the club and can help members in choosing their Series 2.

Here is a summary of the main advantages of club membership:-

The benefits of club membership:

1) The club will post 4 issues of the club magazine per year - Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter, delivered to your door (worth £5 each).

2) The Club has a discount agreement with leading insurers who can often give a competitive quote. This may be more competitive than what you already pay.
3) The club has arranged discounts with various parts and service providers.

4) The club can help with various aspects of vehicle registration...

a) Confirmation of build date.
b) Age related registration numbers.
c) Re-registering vehicles no longer on the DVLA database, the V765 scheme.
d) The Club is recognised by DVLA as the "expert" body regarding Series 2 Land Rovers.

5) The opportunity to "show" your Series 2 on the Club’s display stand at many of the major Land Rover shows. Note - it is not a requirement that your vehicle be pristinely restored or of great historic importance. Any Series 2 is welcome no matter how battered, but it must be a legitimate Series 2 & road legal etc.

6) The club holds a vehicle database of Series 2s chassis and major component numbers which can help determine the date of manufacture.

7) The club organises local pub meetings all over the country, often on a monthly basis. A chance to meet fellow owners and talk old Land Rovers over a pie & pint.

8) The club organises various road events. This might be a combination of green lanes/fording/or scenic drives. The routes are many and varied.

9) The club shop sells a range of Land Rover Series 2 merchandise and clothing.

10) The club organises an annual Club Rally, a camping weekend event open to all members. Your chance to see Series 2 Land Rovers doing what they do best in a field and lots more.

The Club is an affiliate or associate member of the following organisations:-
Association of Land Rover Clubs

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs

Green Lane Association

These organisations promote, lobby and fight to support the not insignificant classic vehicle industry. By being a club member, you are indirectly helping to secure the future of your hobby.

and we are a DVLA listed club.

All this for just £25 (£30 overseas) per year subscription

updated 31st July 2023

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A company limited by guarantee, registered in England & Wales; No. 2451020. Registered Office: 483 Green Lanes, London, N13 4BS